Does DHL Deliver on Sundays?

Deutsche Post DHL is one of the largest logistics and shipping companies operating around the globe, especially in the air and sea mail services. DHL Express provides services of International Courier, Parcel and Express Mail Services. DHL is a German postal shipping company serving worldwide. It caters to its global customers, residents, and corporate. The corporate business customers have the huge movement of quick inventory. DHL offers the supply chain and management solutions to ease their shipping woe.

DHL service outlets are across 220 countries with huge staff globally. DHL simplifies transporting package, parcel, and pallets no matter of size and weight. DHL commits its customers with improved, hassle-free, and successful time-bound deliveries. Whether heavy industrial machinery or simple wedding anniversary gift, DHL proves its reliability for delivering both with the same importance and priority. But does DHL deliver 7-day a week including Sunday? Let’s find out:

Does DHL Deliver On Sunday?

DHL-on-sundayA most common question asked by people in the US is “does DHL ship on Sunday.” The answer is, No! DHL does not deliver on Sundays in the United States (there is an exception given below)DHL delivers on Sunday in a few countries where all seven days are customary. Considering those companies growing demands to meet the weekend’s needs, DHL offers services as per working days. The packages sent for next day delivery on Friday, DHL delivers them on Monday for normal requirements. In case of urgent delivery, the shipments delivered on Sunday upon request at an extra price.

Let us elaborate upon DHL on Sunday delivery request to deliver parcel any day of the week in the next column.

DHL Sunday Delivery:

DHL provides Saturday and Sunday delivery service to nonresident and resident customers. This service is limited to a few places where shipping demand is decent to manage operations. These services are available only where the weekend never rests. The customers can use this service, and it will cost them anywhere around $50.00 per parcel.

Sunday delivery services are still new to many parcel delivery companies. Adapting such an atmosphere is also workable for the delivery companies. The best scenario is the Gulf countries where Friday is not a working day, and if you want to have your package delivered on Friday, then you will have to pay extra charges and have it delivered.

DHL associates with nearby postal companies to have their selective shipments delivered. DHL relies on the small carriers for Sunday shipping. These carriers take the final step and do the final delivery to the doorstep. So, in this case, you may find the Sunday delivery norm.


DHL-same-day-150x150If you think that DHL doesn’t deliver any package on Sundays, then you are not 100% correct because it delivers the emergency shipments 365 days a year, 7 days a week with the help of “DHL Same Day” service. If you have any important package and want it to be delivered within no time, then DHL will help you to do the same with its Same Day service. If you send your package through this service, then it can also be delivered on Sunday.

DHL Same Day is specially designed to meet your needs. If you want to send the critical shipment or medical shipment, then it will be delivered within no time.

Attractive features:

  1. It is helping the customers in more than 200 countries.
  2. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year.
  3. Its super cool feature is flexible tracking with real-time updates.
  4. Reporting ability and web tracking
  5. Your shipment will be picked up within 60 minutes.
  6. You will get the confirmation of delivery through fax, phone, e-mail, etc.

DHL is delivering millions of packages every month. So, if you want to send any of your important packages, then use DHL Same Day service because if you choose any other service, then your package may not be delivered on Sunday.


The conclusion is that DHL delivers only those packages on Sundays which are sent through DHL Same Day service. So, if your package is not sent through this service, then there are about 95% chances that it will not be delivered on Sunday. 5% chances are still there in case DHL hires a private courier delivery company to send its shipments.

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